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Boba School

Authentic, in-person training

Our mission is to help you make money

Boba tea is taking over the U.S. market, different from other food and beverage businesses in many ways. Almost all of the ingredients and know how is imported from Taiwan, and the true experts out there are numbered! We constantly see problems such as hard boba, bitter or weak tea, no sweetness control and lack of outstanding signature drinks. As boba pioneers for over 20 years, we're here to help you master the art of boba and launch a money making business!

Customized and exclusive training tiers

$ 1000
Just the basics!
  • Tea & boba preparation
  • Water quality check
  • Layout check
  • Equipment examination
  • Initial business consultation
$ 2400
Includes Basic
  • Fruits & brown sugar preparation

  • Quality & consistency control
  • More toppings: Flavored boba, Pudding, Grass jelly, Cheese foam
  • More drinks: Slush, Smoothie, Frappe, Grass jelly tea
$ 4200
Includes Basic & Standard
  • Creative signature drinks: Sparkling cocktails, Coffee mixes & more!
  • Premium exotic drinks: Floating drinks, Hong Kong milk tea, Japanese milk tea & more!
  • Additional revenue streams: Mochi donut, Popcorn chicken
  • Special ingredients: Ube, Matcha, Creme brulee
Business pro
$ 4500
Includes Basic, Standard & Advanced
  • Menu design
  • Prices
  • Costs
  • Marketing
  • Kitchen SOP
  • Service & sales SOP
  • Streamline & simplify all your processes

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Transportation and labor costs are additional. Transportation costs will be reimbursed based on actual costs incurred, and labor costs will be $80 per person.

✨We love sharing our culture with the world✨

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We're here to share our knowledge and expertise

Phone: (832) 833-0160


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